Access Group International is a widely-recognized Afghan-owned, multinational company, founded in 2020. It has since become a global provider of Secure Accommodations, Life Support Services & Operational Maintenance, Logistics, Construction, Catering, Retail, Satellite and Information Technology, and can also support in the provision of Work Permits and Visa services.

Access Group have both demonstrated and maintained the necessary technical and management processes in some of the world’s most challenging environments with highly qualified, experienced and ethical personnel who operate under sound management practices, robust oversight and adherence to the highest standards of professionalism and accountability.

Access Group strives towards exceeding the expectations of their clients in a cost-effective and timely manner while complying with any legal obligations. Access Group have obtained a proven track record from completing a variety of projects, much to the satisfaction and gratitude of their international clients within public, private, commercial entities, and Government agencies.

Access Group is aware of the environment in which they embark on a project, by offering opportunities to the local labour workforce contributing to; economic growth, minimizing environmental risk, and increasing ecological benefits.

Access Group continually create a global presence due to the careful selection of their employees by carrying out the most appropriate vetting and training procedures.